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Blue Sage 4"

Blue Sage 4"

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Blue Sage, also known as Grandmother Sage or Artemisia tridentata, is a plant native to the western regions of North America. It is a member of the Artemisia genus, part of the Asteraceae family. Blue Sage is distinctively characterized by its silvery-green leaves and a subtle, sweet fragrance that sets it apart from other sage varieties.

The name "Blue Sage" derives from the plant's bluish-gray appearance, particularly on its leaves. In addition to its visual appeal, Blue Sage is renowned for its aromatic properties. When burned or smudged, the dried leaves of Blue Sage release a mild and pleasant fragrance, often described as calming and soothing.

Culturally, Blue Sage has traditionally been used by indigenous communities for medicinal and ceremonial purposes. The plant is believed to have spiritual significance and is often employed in smudging rituals to clear negative energies and promote positive vibrations.

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